Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaners [2018] Review


Keeping your carpet clean is essential for living a healthy life, so it’s important you invest on the best carpet cleaner to make it happen. Getting the right type of carpet cleaner depends on the factors you are looking for.carpet-cleaning

Today in our blog we are going to have a detailed look at the buying guide of the carpet cleaners, types available and the right products to choose from the best manufacturers, much more in detail.

Carpet Cleaners Buying Guide

This guide will illustrate you about the carpet cleaners that you need to get for the absolute requirements.

  1.    If you have pets

Pet hair and stains provide an unpleasant look to your carpet and also brings a lot of health issues to the children and other people at you home. In this case choosing the effective carpet cleaner that helps in getting rid of hair and stain is more important. You need to choose the clear with a basket to collect this hair from the pets to eliminate odors and other materials.

  1.    If you have large carpets

In this case, you need to try the carpet cleaner that indulges a large tank, so that you can save your time in going forward and back for cleaning out.

  1.    If you have Small Children

Kids will easily get affected by the chemical solutions, so you need to go for the professional carpet cleaners that use only 100 percent natural cleaning solution to clean your carpet.

  1.    If you require removing Tough Stains

If your carpet is often insisted of stains, then you need an effective carpet cleaner that will deep clean your carpet to remove stains and grime from them.

Types of Carpet Cleaners

Once you have decided the purpose of the cleaning, it’s mandatory to know the kind of cleaner to choose for. Proceed below to check them in detail.

Rental Deep Carpet Cleaners

This belongs to the upright machines and comes with two tanks, brush (moving/fixed), heavy unit and a vacuum. One tank is used for eliminating the cleansing solution, whereas the second tank is used for holding those dirty solutions.

Compact Cleaners

This cleaner works well for getting rid of stains or provides the solutions for small jobs. As the name, the carpet cleaner is small and can store on a shelf or any small area. You just need to push a button for the process to start, do not go with this cleaner if you need to clean out the untreated carpets.

Full Sized Cleaners

Lighter when compared to the standard rental machines, this filter involves two steps to eliminate the dirt, grime, pet hair and other substances from the carpet. The first process is to scrub the carpet with a detergent and water solution, and then you need to vacuum the dirt and water for the effective result.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner?

Choosing the carpet cleaners is easy if you are thorough about the carpet cleaners, a good carpet cleaner should have the

Attachments: for cleaning bare floors, furniture’s, upholstery, stairs and tight spots.

Belt Free: make sure you are going to the belt free cleaners as you need not waste your time in replacing it with another one if it’s gone.

Moving Brush: this will help to clear the dirt, grime and other dust particles from your carpet using an aggressive scrub.

Larger Tank: Go for the larger tanks, as they need fewer refills when compared to the smaller ones.

Long Hose: Having a long hose can reach any place with ease.

Individual Soap Dispenser: this will help in passing the right amount of water and detergent for cleaning off.

Tank Indicator Lights: This will alert you when the tanks need to be refilled, or the tank needs to be empty if it’s filled with dirty solutions.

Few tips for making Carpet Cleaner Work well

Proceed below to check some steps for the perfect working of the carpet cleaner for you.

  • Vacuum it
  • Pre-treat stains, check what you can do
  • Check for the clogs frequently
  • Follow the instruction in the manual

Top 10 Picks of Best Carpet Cleaners

Once you are clear on the above guide, you can choose the right product without any confusion, but it’s essential you choose them from the good manufacturer too.

To help you with, our team of professional has researched and tested various carpet cleaners and picked the top 10 best cleaners among them. Apart from the personal testing below selections are based on the trusted and verified customer reviews, rating, the performance, quality and other specification of carpet cleaners.

Deluxe FH50150 Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner from Hoover

The first place in our best seller of carpet cleaner is undoubtedly the “Hoover,” and the reason for the top place is its overall performance in the market. There are many unique specifications in the product to make it a special and preferable on among the customers.

The spin scrub brush system helps in cleaning the carpet fibers from any angle to get rid of the dust particles. The system used the detergent and water at first and then rinses with water to remove the entire residue on the carpet. Heated air is then released for faster drying.

The eight-foot hose help in reaching any hard reaching places like the stair to get rid of the dirt, the upholstery tool also works along with the hose to remove the residue.

This carpet cleaner is the upright version and is being the lightest one in the market. Weighs 19 pounds, there are thousands of positive feedbacks from the customers who have purchased this carpet cleaner.

One of the repeated points from most of the purchased and verified customer is that the “cleaner cleans a carpet more effectively and it always looks as it is just installed, even if it was almost ten years ago”. The smart tank system enables you to fill, clean and empty it with ease.

There are four handles that help in transporting to the various location, and the automatic detergent mixing system helps in providing the perfect mix of water and detergent to removes the pet hair, residues, and other dirt substances from the carpet.

X3 Pro Mighty Pet Packs from Rug Doctor

The carpet cleaner from the popular manufacturer Rug Doctor Captures second place in our best picks of Carpet cleaners. The manufacturer has developed this upright carpet cleaner for home used, but the product delivers professional premium quality results to its customers.

Though the cleaner looks expensive, the product is the great value for the money. Lighter in weight when compared to the standard rental machines. The suction indulged in this carpet cleaner is 75 percent similar to the traditional home upright cleaners and is being the result for superior cleaning.

People who have pets, children and a large area for cleaning can adapt to this Rug Doctors carpet cleaners, also its perfect for the uses which require superior cleaning performance within a consumer grade model. The unique features of this carpet cleaner include high suction power, two tank water system, dual cross action brush system and 28 feet cord.

11 amps are the highest level indulged in general for home carpet cleaners, therefore this carpet cleaner provides the maximum suction power for cleaning up the residues, dirt particles, pet hair, stains from the carpet.

There are two removable tank systems indulged within the cleaners, one for filling the detergent and clean water, whereas the other for collecting the residues for dumping. The cleaner consist of rotating and vibrating dual action brush system for the deeper cleaning.

The 12-inch cleaning path comes with good width for cleaning the while house and rooms effectively; the attachment includes a 7 3/4 flexible hose for reaching out hard places like stairs, between the furniture, etc.

86T3Q/86T3 Green Professional Carpet Cleaner from Bissell

There is no wonder of the product ranking third in our best picks of carpet cleaners, perfect for the home that includes kids, pets or if you have large an area to clean.

There are two removal tanks included in the product for the deep cleaning, one for filling with detergent and water; other collected the dirt water for dumping.

The cleaner is famous for its extreme deep cleaning process and is capable of cleaning forward and backward effectively. The cleaner is heavy in size, and therefore you need not waste your time in filling often. The stair tool helps in cleaning the high reaching places like stairs, upholstery, furniture, etc.

The high-quality carpet cleaner gets the maximum feedbacks and reviews from the trusted customers for its performance, the rotating drift lifter brush provides a deeper cleaner and therefore simple to clean up the stains, pet dander, etc.

Faster drying is possible when compared to the rental carpet cleaners, the flow indicator present in the device monitors the water level and let you know the time to fill the tanks. Weighing about 51.1 pounds carpet cleaner comes with the dimension of 20.5X11X42.2 inches.

Revitalize Carpet Cleaner from Oreck

Good result gained carpet cleaner for their durable performance from Oreck ranks fourth in our top picks of best carpet cleaners. Consist of two tank design for filling and dumping the dirty water. The tank indulged can hold up to half gallon liquid for the practical result.

Setting up and assembling the product is easier, there is a handle that can be detached, lightweight carpet cleaner as it just weighs 16 pounds. The price of the product is high, but this is one of the carpets cleaners that is worth the money.

The tank capacity is about 2 quarts, and this is one of the smallest tank indulged carpet cleaner in our best picks of carpet cleaners.

Depending on the dirt, pet hair and other materials indulged in the carpet, it can clean up to 50 sq ft of your carpet before refilling. The manufacturer provides four years warranty for the product, and this is one of the best features anyone can buy this carpet cleaner without confusion. Comes with the dimension of 13.6X12.5X42.5 inches, weighs about 15.5 pounds.

ProHeat Revolution 2X pet from Bissell

One of the best values cleaner in our best picks of carpet cleaner is the Bissell’s ProHeat Revolution. The product involved various cleaning modes, accessories, a unique heating system for keeping your water hot during working. Perfect to adapt for the pet owners or for the larger industries where the carpet needed to be often cleaned.

The two cleaning mode helps in removing the stain spots by going deep into the carpet, therefore uses more amount of fluid and water for the useful results. There is two power brush scrub for the griping out.

The detachable hoses help you to reach hard places like stairs, upholstery, etc. the pet stain tool for cleaning out the brush head. The product comes with a mesh bag for holding all these attachment and host fit within the machine.

Two cleaner available within the product, one for professional deep cleaning and other one is an antibacterial scrub. The insulation and heating system maintains the temperature for providing the superior cleaning performance. This used the direct heat from the motor to reservoir without any excess electricity.

The dirty water tank can be emptied easily without drying; the rubber stopper which is tiny helps in pulling the carpet to remain clean. The low profile head enables you to fit around any temperature perfectly. Easy to assemble and use it, comes with the dimension of 15X12.5X43.5 inches and is 17.5 pounds in weight.

Premier Deep Cleaner Pet 17N4 from Bissell

One of the cleaners that are ideal for the pet owners from Bissell ranks sixth in our best picks of carpet cleaners; this effectively removes the pet hair and stains from the carpet by involving the deep cleaning process.

The pet stain and odor removal technology that in indulges in this carpet cleaner help in cleaning carpet that has the odor smell and deep stains effectively. The 12 rows of rotating and vibrating power brushes help in providing the professional cleaning when compared to other traditional cleaners.

The three inches tough stain brush along with the deep reach tool helps in ensuring the vacuum has taken away all the stains, dirt and other dust particles in depth of the carpet effectively.

The removable nozzle helps in maintaining the cleaner reliably, edge sweep technology brushes involved in the cleaner comes with a pet hair basket for trapping all of the debris, hair, and stains from your home.

Easy to maneuver and operate, the powerful suction enables the carpet in removing the old stains by reaching depth.

The high premium quality materials used in the carpet cleaners ensure you with the durability, set up and assembling the cleaner is simple. The manufacturer is providing three years warranty for the product so that you can purchase this carpet cleaner without any hesitation.

Max Extract FH 50220 Pro Carpet Cleaner from Hoover

The cleaner that has more rating for the home carpet cleaning from Hoover ranks seventh in our top picks of best carpet cleaner. The manufacturer is famous for producing home carpet machines in the present market; this product, in particular, is designed with maximum aspects and functionalities when compared to the regular carpet cleaners from them.

The pressurized water jet in the cleaner helps in cleaning the dirt’s and stubborn stains which cannot be removed with the help of the spin brush mechanism effectively. Ideal for urine and poop stains from their pet and also perfect for the busy homes that need the carpets change regularly.

Ten amps vacuum suction is another efficient feature why the customer loves this product; this is quite close to the standard grade machine. The six brushes heads provide additional coverage for ground covered, the wide path comes with 13 inches, and therefore you can save time in cleaning large areas.

Individual water tanks are present within the carpet cleaner for filling of the clean water and also for removing the dirty water. The rinse mode option enables reliable carpet washing. There is an on and off switch for performing this action; the 9 feet hose enables you to reach the hard places like upholstery, stairs easily.

The cord length of 20 feet provides the maximum flexibility, and you need not plug and unplug each time due to the cord length limits, the manufacturer is offering the two-year warranty, and therefore you can get the product without confusion.

Hard Floor and Duo ZZ550 Carpet Cleaner from Shark Sonic

An easy, quick and powerful way to remove pet dander, stains, dirt, etc. from the carpet can be possible with this carpet cleaner from Shark Sonic, and this ranks eighth in our top picks of best carpet cleaners.

Setting up and assembling the product is easier, provides a deeper and professional cleaning without much effort. The two scrub modes enable you to process the cleaning process as per your carpet requirements.

The cleaner first removes the dirt that is first visible on the carpets and then goes in depth to clean the complete stains with the help of the trap and remove technology.

The sonic action along with the formulated cleaning solution helps in getting rid of the residues even into the cracks. You can perform 1000 scrubs per minute, and there this takes off the debris, dander, and other dust particles easily and quickly. Comes with the dimension of 29.3X12.6X9.4 inches and is about 15 pounds in weight.

SteamVac F5914900 Carpet Cleaner from Hoover

The reliable manufacturer that has the carpet cleaner along with the clean surge ranks ninth in our top picks of best carpet cleaner. The rotating brushes fibers enable the deep cleaning by applying the extra detergent with this unique feature.

The spin scrub come with the multi-directional brushes for removing the residues from any angles, the dual tanks help in the easy filling of the detergent and clean water and removing the dirty water easily.

The hand tool helps you to clean the residues and stains around the stairs, upholstery with ease. The three-speed brush roll control acts best in three cleaning process namely normal, gentle and spill pick up. The eight feet stretch hose helps you to extend the cleaning process around hard reaching places instantly.

The products belt free and therefore you need not change or replace it often. Comes with the dimension of 20X11.2X44 inches and weighs about 20 pounds.

FD50105 Carpet Cleaner from Dirt Devil

Having dirty carpets and you are thinking to provide a boost to your carpet to look tidy and odorless? Then make use of the carpet cleaner from Dirt Devil to remove the residues, dirt, grime and other particles in just three easy steps. This ranks the last place in our top picks of best carpet cleaner.

Easy to set up and assemble, the two scrub modes for carpets and hard floor can be possible with 1000 scrubs per minute. The cleaner involves 100 percent natural solutions for cleaning out the residues and therefore best for the home that includes pets and kids.

The solution that comes with this carpet cleaner includes carpet solution, hard floor solution, polish solution and spot remover.

The microfiber pads can be washed for carpet cleaning and hard floors easily. There are many unique features like swivel steering, air glide maneuverability and head lights for getting rid of the residues and easy cleaning.

The three easy steps indulge filling, washing and rinsing for the efficient performance, the lightweight design with the turbo brush helps in tackling the stubborn stains and spots.

Velocity suction helps to clear out even the toughest carpet mess with ease.

The manufacturer provides one year warranty for the product and comes with the dimension of 16X11X42 inches.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide, tips, types, choosing steps and best manufacturer products helped you in choosing the right carpet cleaner for your home.

What type of carpet cleaner are you using for your home? Any ideas, thoughts and comments on carpet cleaner are welcome.